Risk Free Slots

There’s nothing we love more here at myarbets.com than a risk-free bet. A chance to beat the bookies at their game, without giving them the chance to beat us back. Just like arbitrage, free spins offers allow you to bet without risk and win without cost. However, you must be as smart and play with the same care and attention as you do with an arbitrage bet if you want to make the most of the free money that free spins can offer.

Making Money with Free Bets

Most arbitrage bets only offer you a small profit margin, and free spins are much the same. Some sites tempt you with bigger potential wins, but there are always conditions attached to these that make it much harder to get at your winnings if you do win. Even then, the winnings almost always cap, and you rarely can go for glory on the rolling jackpot slots.

How much you could win with your free spin depends on how hard you are willing to work for it. It is unlikely that you get the opportunity to win big for free and then walk away. If you get greedy and play for a $100 winnings cap, you will inevitably work harder and wager your winnings multiple times before you can take any profits.

And just like arbitrage betting, the art of choosing among the best free spins offers is all about accumulating small but reliable profits rather than taking any unnecessary risks to get rich quick. After all, taking risks is what the online casino wants you to do. Instead, you should look for free spins offers with a cap of $5 or so, as these usually pay out as real cash that you can claim without having to run the risk of losing it again through what is called wagering. There are plenty of deals out there that match these criteria, you only need to be patient, and play each one to build your bank account.

Pitfalls to Avoid

If we’re honest, none of us have ever read the small print on iTunes or our mobile phone contract, have we? We tick the box and could easily sign away our lives and not even know it. But when it comes to free spins, reading the small print is everything. For all the razzle-dazzle of the top-line offer, casinos don’t want to give away anything, and almost always, there is a catch hidden among all those lines of tiny text below the headlines. So, look out for:

• Limited-time offers – free spins can expire fast.
• Drip-feed deals – where you must keep coming back every day.
• Limited slots – with only one or two available to play for free.
Deposit-match deals – these are not “free” in the first place.
• Wagering requirements – these are a second chance to lose (see above).
• Loyalty deals – require cash play to earn points before you can withdraw free spin wins.

Play Your Game, Not Theirs

Whether you take on the bookmakers with a clever arbitrage bet or make the most of free spins at an online casino, it is crucial to keep in mind the game you play. Remember, these companies are in business and aim to make a profit for themselves and their shareholders. That means that everything they do is ultimately to try and part you from your hard-earned cash. It is up to you to avoid this from happening by wising up to their tactics and being strong enough to avoid their temptations.

Free spins offers are rarely as good as they first appear, and you need to read up in articles such as these to learn which offers to play and to avoid. Make sure you play for free and can win real cash, which you can withdraw without delay, even if this is only a small amount. Then put your blinkers on and resist all the shiny marketing messages and gimmicks thrown at you while you play.

It’s like walking into a store and trying all their free samples, then walking out again before the slick salesman has the chance to grab you and persuade you to buy something. It takes focus, and a little bit of cheek, but it is worth it for the free stuff on offer. With the right combination of research, discipline and application, free spins can almost be as risk-free as your favorite arbitrage bets.