Is online gambling and betting illegal in India?

Though gambling and betting is illegal in most forms in the country, but there are no specific laws related to online betting and gambling in India.

In India, states are responsible to create their own laws and policies regarding physical betting and gambling. Most states have made laws against betting and gambling, while the states of Goa and Sikkim have legalized many forms of betting and gambling.

According to Prominent Indian Newspaper Hindustan Times:

“The question of whether it is legal to bet from India using an international bookmaker is not clear in law. While bookmakers in India are illegal, there is no specific law in India which bans an individual customer from placing an online bet with a bookmaker based outside India.”

“If an Indian resident decides to place bets on a website hosted outside the country, it would be difficult to hold him guilty of online gambling if the laws of the country where the website is hosted, permits online gambling.”