Many would be surprised to know the popularity of sports betting in Africa. Believe it or not, the sports betting market reached $40 billion comprising of South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria. Sports betting seems to be highly popular in Kenya and Nigeria, where 60 million people bet an average of $15 daily.  With growing economies, and a rising per capita, it’s no surprise. 

What makes sports betting so popular in Africa? Why do many people love to try out live online soccer betting with Betway today? What are the latest sport betting trends?

Let’s find out.

The Origins of Sports Betting in Africa

Horse racing was one of the earliest forms of sports betting dating back to the 15th century. Soccer is another favourite option, with 70 years of history in Africa. It remains a favorite with the audience of Betway’s sports betting sites.

Sports has always been popular in Africa. Millions of fans regularly follow premium and local soccer events, rugby, tennis, cricket, boxing, basketball, horse racing and car races. Not only do they follow the games, but they also bet with open hands!

Today, Africa is one of the leading markets for sports betting. In countries like South Africa, 50% of adults regularly participate in sports betting on sites like Betway. 

What Drives Sports Betting in Africa

Several factors act together to make sports betting so popular in Africa.

Passion for Sports

Africans love sports. Millions regularly watch soccer, cricket, rugby and other matches together at homes, cafes and bars. More than 280 million people in sub-Saharan Africa watch events like the English Premiership League.

The passion for sports is one of the main drivers of sports betting in Africa. 

The Growth of Young Population

Over 200 million relatively young adults (younger than 25) live in Africa. These are usually the audiences that follow sports events more consistently.
The high rate of unemployment also makes sports betting popular as a source of income. 

The Rise of Mobile

Smartphones do not belong to the elite anymore. The number of smartphone owners in Africa is predicted to double in the next 5 years. Among smartphone users, 83% use the internet regularly. As a result, digital sports and digital sports betting are becoming more popular with each passing day.

Liberal Regulations

Almost all African countries have relatively liberal sports betting laws, allowing various options for an adult to bet on.

The Future of Sports Betting in Africa

Sports betting in Africa is expected to grow at a steady pace for the coming years. We can also expect the expansion of more sports betting options, making this more competitive and fun. Have you tried your hands on sports betting yet?