About Cashback

Myarbets provides its members an amount of money earned when they “register an account” via its bookmakers affiliate links. We receive a commission from the affiliates after the registration is confirmed, and the commission is shared with the members who “register an account”

How to claim Cash Back

1.Register an account at Myarbets if you don’t have one.

2.Click the “banner of the bookmaker” or “Continue to Merchant” from the number of Bookmakers as listed on the website.

3. You must meet the minimum deposit and wagering requirements to claim the cash back.

4.Click “Claim Cash Back” and fill up the “New User Registration” form or Login if you have already an account with Myarbets.

5.Your claim will be pending and, you can see “outstanding claims” in your account information.


To validate your Gambling Cash Back claim, we will confirm your account registration date. You should also comply with our minimum deposit and wagering requirements. We will contact you whenever we are aware of a failed payment attempt and the funds will remain outstanding until we are able to successfully settle them to you. The claimed cash back will be paid to the user after the “referred” account has tracked correctly. We will not accept your cash back claim after 20 days of the claimant opening the referred account. The claims will be processed within the stipulated time-frame mentioned in the site but the site is not responsible for any delays in payment or errors due to factors outside of its reasonable control.

General Information

The cash back offers provided on this site is accurate and up to date. However, the commission paid by the bookmakers may increase or decrease from time to time. We do not accept liability for any errors in or omissions from the site. We are not responsible for any obsolete or changed bookmaker offers.
The claimed cash back will be paid to the user after the “referred” account has tracked correctly. Myarbets.com can cancel any claim that has not been identified or tracked correctly. The site can cancel the cash back without notice if the claim that has not met the minimum deposit and wagering requirements.