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    Ask your Cash Back payment inquiry



    My name is Aliaksandr, and my friend ask me to try if cashback offers is legit. He have accounts with most places offered here, while i am have only with few casinos and PS/FTP.
    I just choose two cashbacks offers to start:
    Betfair bingo story.
    Well, deposit 10 euros and get 30 GBP pounds is sound great. I am never played bingo before. Deposited without problem using skrill. Played few bingo games, wagered needed, and decide to try slots in their selection(in bingo rooms). Had some fun – and managed to won 25 euros. Then made two bets in sportsbook. Lost one, win one. Will try to withdraw 20 euros(HINT: you can’t withdraw until betfair verify your age, i am waiting for it now to check how this website process withdrawals). Good offer, i like.
    Will hill poker story.
    Well, again 10 deposited euros with skrill and a lot of fun! Played couple of SNG HU hyper turbo(my favorite format), buy-in 5-10 euros. Few wins, few losses(you can’t always get what you want, right?). 25 euros balance, and to withdraw i need verify age again. Document sent. Will see who is faster 🙂
    Now interesting to see how fast everything goes from MYAR team side, i’ll post you updates on everything, thanks!



    Well, promised update.
    WH poker verified and get paid. I do like that when request WD i was told – you can cancel WD untilt 12:41(6 hours from request). At 12.41 i get paid. 6 hours is good, i like website.
    Betfair – still not verified, waiting.
    Myarbets – nothing heard, a bit scary.



    Hi Ehano12,
    Thanks for using Myarbets Cash Back Program, I am sorry but rite now both of your account have not been tracked. Depending on the the bookmakers it takes 1-10 days to get the account tracked.

    We pay fastest Cash Back as we don’t wait till the Companies pay us Commission and let the user wait for months, but we pay as soon as the account is tracked and pay within 1 -15 days

    Also note that Cash Back offers are mainly for U.K and several European, Non U.K users should email us before using any Cash Back offers as stated in our terms..




    Thanks for reply.

    Betfair also verified, requested payment.
    I am tracked to you, 100% sure, cleared browser cookies etc, and click on link, so just matter of time, hope it will be soon…
    Can you post another offers i can took?
    Country is Republic of Belarus.
    Probably i can took any which accept belarussians or something like that?

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