Reply To: Cashback payment update



My name is Aliaksandr, and my friend ask me to try if cashback offers is legit. He have accounts with most places offered here, while i am have only with few casinos and PS/FTP.
I just choose two cashbacks offers to start:
Betfair bingo story.
Well, deposit 10 euros and get 30 GBP pounds is sound great. I am never played bingo before. Deposited without problem using skrill. Played few bingo games, wagered needed, and decide to try slots in their selection(in bingo rooms). Had some fun – and managed to won 25 euros. Then made two bets in sportsbook. Lost one, win one. Will try to withdraw 20 euros(HINT: you can’t withdraw until betfair verify your age, i am waiting for it now to check how this website process withdrawals). Good offer, i like.
Will hill poker story.
Well, again 10 deposited euros with skrill and a lot of fun! Played couple of SNG HU hyper turbo(my favorite format), buy-in 5-10 euros. Few wins, few losses(you can’t always get what you want, right?). 25 euros balance, and to withdraw i need verify age again. Document sent. Will see who is faster 🙂
Now interesting to see how fast everything goes from MYAR team side, i’ll post you updates on everything, thanks!